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      "Probably he had a great deal to do with you," thought the Deacon. "He was a terror to evil-doers."GOES AFTER KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE.

      The Deacon's proposal was carried. Shorty, holding the butt of his gun carefully upright, fired down into the well. A boy was lowered in the bucket, and soon announced by a joyful cry that he had gotten the bills. Upon being brought up and examined they were found to be uninjured, ex cept by a slight singeing at the edges.

      "Stop that," he called. "Put your minds to learnin' to load and shoot first. It'll be some time before you git a chance to prod a rebel with a bayonet. Rebels are as wild as crows. You'll be lucky to git as close to 'em as the other side of a 40-acre field."

      "Throw him in the river! Duck him! Baptize him! Drown him!"

      "Well, I ain't done yet," continued the Orderly-Sergeant. "That little snipe, Pete Skidmore"



      "Shorty," he said, entirely ignoring the bellicosity of the scene, "here's a letter for you.""Turn rammer."


      "Nance, call the boys in, that they'uns's may see thar friends 've come at last."The Deacon's merciful heart had been moved by the sufferings of the poor beasts. He had done all that he could on the journey to lighten the labor of those attached to his own wagon. He had restrained as much as possible the St. Vitus Dance of the teamster's keen whip, uselessly remonstrated with him against his profanity, carried a rail to help pry the wheels out of the mudholes, and got behind and pushed going up the steep hills. At the journey's end when the exhausted brutes stood motionless, with their ears drooping and their eyes looking unutterable disgust at everything connected with the army and war, the Deacon helped the teamster take their harness off, and carry them as much corn and hay as the Forage-Master could be pursuaded to dole out to them.